Thursday, September 27, 2012


Over breakfast this morning John and I has a misunderstanding. I said something and he either wasn't paying attention to or he didn't hear me correctly. So he proceeds with his long winded side of the conversation. I'm lost. I have no clue why he is explaining this to me. I don't even know what he is talking about or why. I guess I must have been giving him the " I am clueless " look .

John and I speak different languages. He talks non -stop and with passion. His voice gets louder as he goes along and his arms take on a life of their own. I talk in my way, which either is a long build up to what I am getting to or very brief concise statements.

A few summers ago I kept talking about wanting to go to Presque Isle. Time wore on and I started to mention it more often. Summer starts to wind down and I keep bringing up wanting to go to Presque Isle before it gets cold out. Eventually it gets cold out and I chalk it off as a lost cause for that year.

John calls me at work one cold rainy day and tells me to wait at work and he will pick me up. He is there by the car waiting for me when I clock out for the day. I get in and ask where we are headed. I am told to just put the seat back and take a nap. I hate to ride in the passenger seat, not just with John and taking a nap is out of the question. He reaches behind the seat and hands me his baseball cap and tells me to put it on and cover my eyes.

It is pouring rain and starting to get dark as we get on the ramp to the interstate. He asks " Do you trust me ? " In my head I don't know. It sounds like a loaded question from my end . " I guess ." Is my response. I finally put the seat back after an hour of watching the wipers going back and forth. Triv is on the radio, ranting about something I could care less about so I retreat to somewhere else.

I can hear John telling me to wake up. I don't want to. The car has gotten warm and steamy and it seems like I have only just gotten to sleep. I open my eyes to see lots of neon lights and cars. A whole parking lot of cars. Rain and neon and car headlights are a bit too much for my half asleep brain to take in . John tells me " I'll let you out at the doors and you wait there while I park the car." I can't believe what I am seeing. " Where are we ? " I ask . Johns response was " Didn't you say you wanted to go to Presque Isle ."

What I meant was Presque Isle state park outside of Erie Pa, not Presque Isle casino. After a really good laugh we drove to the park to find it gated off for the winter.

  Tell me about your greatest misunderstanding.