Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What does it feels like to know you are going to die. We all know that we are born, we live our lives and then eventually we are all going to die. We all hope to live healthy, happy, productive lives. We live with our parents, our roommates, we find jobs and grown up friends. We get significant others, we have children or pets. We do what we can to find our places in the world. We settle into our comfort zones . And in the backs of ours minds we envision ourselves getting old, visions of motor homes and cruises, of our children graduating and getting married . We see our older selves teaching grandkids to ride bikes and teaching them how to fish and making christmas cookies.
I feel like the rug has been yanked out from under me . I don't want to die . My death was supposed to happen years from now. At home, in my bed, in my sleep. Softly, quietly in my sleep. It feels like someone has kicked you in the belly and knocked you to the ground. It knocks your breath out of you. I feel lost at times. I wander thru my home in a daze some days and as I look out the windows into my fields I wonder to myself if this is the last fall I will ever see?I am not supposed to die yet. I'm only in my 40s. I have a lot of unfinished things to take care of. I should not have to be making plans for end of life care. I have tons of questions. Questions that I want to ask these goofy doctors. Questions that are hard questions that they don't want to answer. How long does it take? What will it feel like? Will it hurt? Will I be coherent?They don't know the answers and pass me off to the nurses to answer those tough questions since they deal with death on a daily basis.
I wonder if the drs ever feel any guilt about dropping the ball and missing it? Do you ever wonder what your indifference has done to my family. What if I were your wife/mother/sister/daughter and another dr did the same to your family.
I am beyond angry. I told you I was sick. You blew me off and your indifference has cost me my life.
I am incredibly sad. I know all of the things that I will not be here for. I know the void that will be left in some peoples lives. In the grand scheme of things one persons life isn't much but in some peoples lives that one life is a big thing.
I don't think I want a funeral. I don't want people seeing my dead body laying there and talking about what a good job the undertaker did. Come see me now and talk to me. Tell me about what's going on in your life, I'm bored and lonely.
Most of the people I know and love have forgotten about me. Sickness makes you show your true colors. Kind of funny the people that I have been there for don't call anymore. I know cancer is a scary thing, How do you think I feel. But most of you know cancer is not contagious and it has not affect my brain or my feelings. Cancer is not even something we have to talk about, Hell I prefer it that way. I would love a diversion from it. Lets talk old times, beer, sex, work and gossip. I don't care lets talk about anything other than me being sick.
I worry about John . I wonder how his life will change when I am no longer here.