Friday, October 5, 2012

more on dying

I am down and dark today. I am not sleeping well. The pain meds are not working and I cant seem to find a comfortable position. I thought I was dying last night, my heart likes to act up as soon as I drift off with the crazy jack hammer pounding away. I finally got out of bed but then I having waves of dizziness along with the pounding in my heart. I came downstairs to my favorite chair because I don't want to have John wake up with me dead beside him.

Someday I want this to just hurry it up and be over because this isn't much of a life at this time. This isn't something like a normal heart attack that I can just go to the emergency room and they can call in a few doctors and fix me up and send me home. Visits to the emergency room are just a waste of time and resources. Most of the doctors there have never even heard of a pheochromocytoma let alone treated anyone with one. Second thing they want to know is who is managing your care and then why are they not treating it? I can give them the names and phone numbers to all of the specialists involved in my care and my complete medical background. I cannot answer why none of them are treating me.

Some days I want to scream and beg for just more time. I'm not ready yet. I've got things to do yet. My job isn't done yet. I have finally found a better spot of contentment and peace. I don't want to leave it so soon. It's not fair. We need more time.

There is a family in an online support group that I follow that is currently getting hospice care . His 40 th birthday will be next week. His family was asking all of us to send cards. He passed away tonight with his family, friends and pastor with him singing " What a friend we have in Jesus." My heart is breaking. Now that I am with this group of less than 500 people it is terrifying to know people just like me dying so fast. We are all young.

I don't want to die alone or in a hospital. I don't want John home alone with me. I don't want Katie with me either. I worked with terminally ill patients before Mark died and doing the day to day care you develop an intimate bond with those patients and their families and when they die, it takes a toll on you also. Katie was with me when Mark died and had to help me unentangle him and call 911 while I did CPR on Mark. I can't ask or expect or even want her with me. That is not how or what I want her to remember me for.