Saturday, October 27, 2012

wheels for wheels

I came across something today about a young boy in my community. It reminded me of my own situation a few years back. I haven't written about it yet, but the thought is there that I should. I have started this several times and always with a " What if ? " Somethings are still very hard to talk about, let alone write about. Sometimes the hardest part of a journey are the first steps. Fear of failure also make things hard to start. My fear of failure here is thinking of a way to write it and make this story more than medical but less than emotional but it needs both to make it what it was. My life with Mark and more than likely an undiagnosed pheochromocytoma during pregnancy.

It is a cold and emotional night for me tonight so Marks story will wait awhile longer. Tonight I want my entry to be for this young family in my community. My life with Mark was very similar to this family. I know and remember all to clearly the struggles of life with a child in a wheelchair. Besides needing to modify your home to accommodate a chair, medically needy children need to get to drs visits. As the child gets older and larger so do their chairs. Eventually it gets to be physically challenging to get both child and chair into a car and getting a van sooner or later is a necessity. And it then becomes yet another set of struggles to get the chair into a van. If you get hurt transferring your child, it makes caring for them at home even harder.
Please read this families story and think about how difficult it must be to be the parent of a special child. I have been down that path of life and know first hand what it is like.