Saturday, October 6, 2012

something from Davey

 This is from today from a fellow pheo/ para patient Davey Bear Thompson who has given me the OK to post this here on my blog.  Thank you Davey

We have gelled so well together.
No longer just a group.
We are just like a small FAMILY.
We would jump through every hoop.
But when we hear a passing.
We take it close to heart.
We have all lost a loved one.
Someone who touched our hearts.
So this one is for Steve his Wife and Family.
From all his Pheo/Para adopted Family.
Life is but a blessing given out of love.
Lets keep our loved ones in our hearts.
For there they live once more.
And reach out our hand to everyone.
Who have died and LIVE once more.

Rest well Steve :(