Wednesday, October 17, 2012

   Today was really hard. I chickened out in the end. I almost didn't go through with it. We had a good day. The temperature was in the low 70's and the sun was out all day. The neighbor lady, Lisa spent almost all day with John and I taking pictures of us.

  The vet was only 5 hours late. I called the excavator man and he was some where else and didn't know when he would make it out. Miss Nosey and the big guy were extremely well behaved and went right to their stall this morning. Remarkably the goats even stayed in the barn. I had so many visions of all the possible things that could go wrong and many back up plans to cover all the bases.

 The appointment was for noon. At 2 I called the office. At 3 I was thinking that maybe fate was trying to change my mind, Poor Dr. Brian got here about 6. We talked it over and I trotted Lucky out to the back field and fed him a bag of apples. John had said that he wouldn't think any less of me if I didn't stay. I handed Lucky's lead off to John and the vet tech. After I got about 150 ft away, here comes Lucky running past me headed toward the barn with his lead rope flying behind him. That really caused some serious doubts to cross my mind.

  I walked him back out again and gave John back the apples and made sure the tech had a better grip. I walked away . John fed him apple slices as Dr. Brian put in the Iv and John says Lucky looked right into his eyes as the medicine was given and that he went down quick and easy. I love John all the more for standing in on a chore that I couldn't do.

  The excavator man showed up as the vet was pulling out of the drive.Our other neighbor Kaye came over as he left ( she has  horses also) and as our trying day turned into night a really loud whinny came rolling across our field, I guess that was Lucky telling me that he made it to the rainbow bridge.
 I hope that my grandfather is giving Mark and Hope riding lessons tonite